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The handling of a light rod with the power of a rockshore rod

Powerful rods are necessary for targeting big fish, but they can’t handle light lures perfectly. Medium-class rods are good for light lures around 10g, but they lack the strength to fight big targets. The main concept behind MUTHOS Sonio 100M was the need to overcome this issue. We finally created the ideal rod blank based on the MUTHOS Accura and many field tests. The Sonio 100M casts and controls 10g to 100g lures like a medium-class spinning rod with a sensitive, soft tip, yet it displays the exceptional power of a real rockshore rod when fighting big targets.

Model Length (ft) Lure WT
Min~Max (g)
Line  (PE)
New Sonio 93M
9'3" Jig 10-100
Plug 10-70
Sonio 100M
10'0" Jig 10-100
Plug 10-70


Fuji SiC- Ti Guides


RG Guide System
Our original guide system brings out the fullest potential of spinning rods. It fully resolves the downsides of using PE line and maximizes its benefits with improved cast feel and sensitivity, as well as fewer line issues.

Hexagon Grip
Design Patent No.1638907
ZENAQ’s innovative ergonomic hexagonal foregrip, known as the Hexagon Grip, is designed to fit an angler’s hands comfortably, giving him or her a huge advantage when fighting large fish. Contoured to maximize grip with minimal pressure, your hand will not tire nearly as much as with a cylindrical handle during a fight with a large fish. Additionally, the hexagonal grip offers more precise lure control, helping you tempt more strikes from fish.


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