Terms & Conditions

  1. General Provisions

    1. These terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Terms and Conditions”, “Terms”, “Conditions” or “Contract”) are a contract between the Administrator of this website (hereinafter referred to “Administrator”, “Website Administrator”, “We”, “Us”, “Ours” or/and “of ours”) and you (hereinafter referred to as the “user”, “you”, “yours” or “of yours”) that sets out the General Terms and Conditions of use of this website and any products or/and services (jointly, the “website” or “services”).

    2. The company L.Paraskevaidis & SIA E.E. VAT: EL114030080, 15 A.Metaxa Glyfada 16675, Company number: ΓΕΜΗ (8772401000)  is the administrator of this website.

    3. biggame.gr/ kixemfishing.com is an e-shop that sells sport fishing goods

    4. As such, it promotes or/and resells products of the suppliers with whom it works with reserving the right to choose freely the products it promotes as well as alter, renew or/and withdraw them at any time without any prior notification.

    5. The same applies to the pricing policy, any potential offers or/and discounts that it may freely choose, alter, renew or/and withdraw at any time without any prior notification or/and notice.

    6. It should be outlined that the description of the components of the products or/and the information included in the indications of the products as well as the production date or/and expiration date thereof are determined by the suppliers themselves the information on which are stated on the respective products. This e-shop that is part of the distribution chain only as an intermediary or/and final seller, is not liable nor has the obligation to check the accuracy of all the aforementioned information.

    7. We do not invoke nor warranty the accuracy or/and the credibility of any information or/and content on any products, services, software or/and advertisements that are included in this website as well as the content of third parties where you are transferred through the links of the website or/and the links you may access through this website.

    8. Due to technical restrictions, the photographs of the products that are available on the website might be different that the actual products. Moreover, the photographs or/and videos might contain photographs or/and information that do not reflect the latest illustration of the product as they might have been photographed or/and recorded at a previous stage.

  1. Intellectual property

    1. This website is the legal website that is administered by the official administrator hereof. The administrator or/and the Licensors hereof have the intellectual property rights on the entire content that you access on this website or/and through this website, as protected by European and International legislation or/and conventions on intellectual property rights.

    2. Under no circumstances are you authorized or/and licensed to use any trademark, logo or/and other proprietary material, graphic material, content or/and part  of this website that the latter administers.

    3. It is prohibited to reproduce, create copies, copy, sell, resell or/and exploit in any other way this website or/and part hereof for any commercial or other purpose. Moreover, it is not allowed to use frames or/and framing techniques in order to frame any trademark, logo or/and any other proprietary information including videos, images, text, page layout or/and form of the website.

    4. Upon your entry to this website, we authorize you to access or/and use for personal purposes but we do not authorize you to download or/and amend. The authorization to access or/and use for personal purposes does not allow for any resale, commercial or/and business use of this website or/and the content hereof, any collection or/and use of the catalogs, description or/and prices of products.

    5. It is not allowed to disclose, manage, distribute, copy, transfer, process, store, repost, amend or/and reproduce in any other way and in any other form whatever part of the content or/and copies thereof unless you are acting upon the written authorization of the administrator hereof.

  1. Navigation and use of the website and the services

    1. Your navigation or/and login to this website takes place according to these Terms and Conditions* exclusively with the use of your means or/and through the providers that you have chosen.

    2. Your navigation, use or/and login to this website as well as the conclusion of purchases on this website are subject to these Terms and Conditions*. The administrator of the website reserves the right to remove or/and alter part or/and the entire website without prior notification. If you wish to be notified on potential changes in these Terms and Conditions, you are obliged to regularly visit this link.

    3. The administrator of the website reserves the right at any time or/and without prior notification to alter, renew or/and update all or/and part of these terms and conditions of use, the entire or/and part of the content of this website as well as the entire or/and part of the layout, structure or/and composition of the website.

    4. Moreover, he has the possibility to restrain access to the entire website or/and part thereof as well as to turn part thereon into a website accessed by subscription.

    5. Should any of the terms of this contract is considered to be abusive or/and void, the other terms remain valid or/and are binding for both contracting parties.

    6. Any delay in the exercise of all or/and part of the rights of either contracting party that arise from these terms and conditions does not result in the impairment thereof or/and the withdrawal from the exercise of the said right that either party is entitled to exercise at any time at a later stage at its discretion.

    7. This website contains links that direct you to other websites which are not administered by the former. The website cannot check the linked websites nor warranties the accuracy, correctness, legality, completeness or/and quality of their content and under no circumstances does it undertake any responsibility for the latter or/and any loss or/and damage that might occur due to the use thereof. When you use the linked websites, the terms and conditions of the respective website apply.

  1. Restrictions to the access and use of the website

    1. It is prohibited in any way or/and with any means to abuse this website, obstruct or/and in any way or/and with any means disrupt its operation as well as steal, copy, replace or/and alter any electronic or/and not material or/and content thereof. Moreover, any action that might result in a non-acceptable burden to the infrastructure or/and its operation.

    2. It is prohibited to carry out or/and invoke any criminal act, the uploading, transmission or/and distribution through the website as a whole or/and a part thereof of any type or/and kind of defamatory, malicious, embarrassing, technologically harmful material or/and any type or/and kind of viruses.

    3. Moreover, it is prohibited to violate any part of these terms and conditions* or/and the services, destroy data, cause nuisance to other users, breach intellectual property rights or/and rights of other persons or/and send any kind of material on behalf of the website to third parties.

    4. Any breach of the aforementioned provisions is a criminal offense based on Greek legislation. Therefore, the administrator reserves the right to report any such breach that he might become aware of, to the competent authorities or/and disclose to the aforementioned authorities the personal information of the respective offender according to the provisions of the law.

    5. In case that any type of damage or/and loss is suffered by third parties due to the non-compliance to the aforementioned provisions, the website and therefore its administrator are not liable nor undertake any obligation on any kind of compensation to any natural/legal person or/and body that suffered the damage or/and the loss.

  2. Account and subscription

    1. The interested new member may register to the website as follows:

  • Through the link LogIn* directly through the website

  • Through his Google Account*

  • Through his Facebook* account.

    1. If you wish, you can also register to the newsletter list. Non-members can also register to this list.

    2. In order for your registration to be approved, it is possible at first to check or/and review the information you have provided so as then you can use the services provided to the registered members. It is noted that we have the right without cause or/and for legitimacy reasons to deny the registration of any member, any provision of services thereto or/and the conclusion of a transaction with the latter.

    3. Upon the registration and the creation of an account with this website, you are responsible for safeguarding the security of your account as well as any activity or/and action that takes place through your account or/and relates to the latter in any way.

    4. The provision of fake contact information of any kind is possible to results in the termination of your account. You must immediately notify the website on any unauthorized use of your account or/and any other security breach. The website as well as its administrator are not liable for any damage that might arise from the aforementioned violations.

    5. The administrator of the website may suspend, deactivate or/and delete your account or/and part thereof, if he determines that you have violated any part of this contract. In case of deletion of your account for the aforementioned reason, you may not re-register.

  1. User’s content

    1. Any data, information or/and material (hereinafter referred to as the “user’s content”) that you provide to this website in the course of using it is not proprietary material of the website nor its administrator. You are solely responsible for the accuracy, quality, integrity, legitimacy, credibility or/and appropriateness as well as you have the intellectual property rights on the provided user’s content.

    2. The user’s content that you provide or/and create when using the services is possible to be monitored or/and checked by the website or/and its administrator. However, unless allowed, especially by you, the use of the website does not permit its administrator to use, reproduce, adapt, modify, disclose or/and distribute the content that you create or/and store on your user’s account for commercial, advertising or/and similar purposes. The administrator reserves the right to access, copy, distribute, store, send, form, present or/and give the content to your user’s account solely as required for the provision of services to you.

    3. Without any limitations to the aforementioned warranties, the administrator continues to reserve the right at his discretion to reject or/and remove any of the user’s content that based on his judgment violates any of the policies or/and the terms of use of this website or/and is for any reason or/and in any way or/and means harmful or/and inappropriate.

  1. Terms and procedure of sale

    1. By placing an order, you agree that the sale of the respective products takes place according to the terms and conditions* of this website.

    2. The purchase of the products agreement is concluded only when your payment has been approved.

    3. All the products are available for personal use and not for resale with the exception of the entrepreneurs (merchants/B2B clients).

    4. You may place an order only as a registered member of our website or as a guest user without any registration requirements.

    5. Every time upon the conclusion of your purchases, you fill in all the necessary information for the completion of your order that appear on the form of the order. All the information that you provide falls within the scope of the privacy policy*, is collected and processed in complete safety upon your consent that you provide upon the dispatch of the said form. In any case every time that you send an order request, you shall at first accept these terms and conditions*.

    6. In the course of processing your order, you shall receive certain automated emails that refer to the progress of your order. In case of any inconvenience or/and problem with the handling of your order, then we shall send you the respective email or/and contact you at the telephone numbers you have provided.

    7. Upon the placement of an order, you consent to the receipt of the aforementioned notifications that are required for the proper processing of your order. You must ensure that you shall receive these emails and keep them throughout our transaction. In case you do not receive the relevant emails, it is your obligation to contact us.

    8. The administrator in order to ensure the best possible safety of the transactions may although he is not obliged, to check through his associated payment services providers the correctness of your payment information in case that you pay with a credit card or/and through a third party online payment services provider.

    9. The administrator at the stage of the completion of the order or/and the connection with the third party payment services provider may reject your order if it is determined that it is possible for any problem to appear in relation to the aforementioned payment information.

    10. Orders are shipped all over Greece, within the European Union. Depending on the legislation of each country outside the European Union, it is possible that there might be restrictions on certain products or/and the sale of certain products is prohibited as such. In such cases, the purchaser will be notified immediately. For further information on all the countries where we have the possibility to make a shipment, see the section Delivery Policy*.

    11. It is noted that the time of delivery may vary depending on the availability of the products or/and the commitment of the suppliers in relation to the delivery time. Moreover, the delivery time is subject to delays due to the delays of the courier companies or/and force majeure events for which we are not responsible. For further information, see the Delivery Policy*.

    12. In case that an unexpected shortage with our suppliers occurs for whatever reason with regard to certain products that you have included in your order or/and in case any problem exists in relation to the products included in your request, then we shall make any effort possible to contact you either by email at the address that you have indicated or by telephone call. If it is not possible to get in touch with you over a period of five (5) business days, then your order will be processed to the extent of the availability of the products and it shall be cancelled as for the remaining. In any case of any amendment to your order, you will be notified by email that shall serve also the confirmation of your order based on which it will also be executed.